****Example Menu****



home made bread, olives and dips                                                                                 £3.00

leek and potato soup served with bread and butter                                                        £5.00

potted shrimp and smoked mackerel mousse with sourdough and lemon                         £6.50

deep fried duck egg and beetroot salad with truffle pecorino cheese                             £6.50

ham hock and mustard hash with pea and marjoram broth, confit tomato                      £6.50

Caesar salad with sweet cured anchovies, chicken breast and parmesan                        £6.00/£9.00



Roasts – served with duck fat roasted potatoes and buttered vegetables

roasted free range chicken breast with mushroom and onion stuffing                            £13.00

roasted loin of free range pork with apple and mustard chutney                                   £13.00

roast topside of local beef with Yorkshire pudding and horseradish                                £13.00



broad bean, mint and feta risotto with lemon oil                                                         £11.00

The Bell Inn tart – cauliflower and cheddar with rocket salad

and new potatoes                                                                                                       £13.00

The Bell Inn beef burger and triple cooked chips with baby gem,                                 £13.50

cheddar, bacon jam and gherkin

beer battered fish and chips, mushy marrowfat peas and tartare sauce                       £13.00

pan fried sea bass with aubergine caviar, radish and fennel leaf salad                         £15.00



mixed leaf salad/ mixed buttered vegetables/ triple cooked chips/                            £3.00

gratin potato



Mrs Chef’s ‘gin’ gato homemade ice cream with a selection of Edinburgh                  £5.00

gin liqueurs                                                                       

Pimms jelly with cucumber sorbet                                                                           £6.50

flourless orange and grapefruit cake with marmalade ice cream                               £6.50

dark chocolate and griottine cherry fondant with cherry yogurt ice cream

and chocolate crystal                                                                                              £7.00

bakewell tart with clotted cream                                                                            £6.50

selection of West country cheeses with water wafers and apple chutney                  £6.50

selection of ice cream and sorbet                                                                           £4.50